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Sustainable Timber Wine Rack | Wine Storage

Begin stashing - Sustainable Timber Wine Racks

The concept of cellaring wine can be intimidating. For some, the art of cellaring has its home deep below the soil in wine country where the hoity-toity types gather to 'ooh' and 'aah' over some hard to find bottles of outlandishly expensive wine. 

In the real world though, we don't all exist in with the time and space to set up rows of wine in temperature controlled rooms, adorned with oak and mahogany. 

Cellaring wine doesn't have to be boring and difficult. In fact, we prefer to think about starting to collect wine in terms of building up a stash of the wine's you like.  

Having a stash of wine removes the need to run down to the local bottle-o or place an express online order of your favourite drop when the weekend rolls around. A stash of wine in the kitchen, bedroom, study or literally anywhere cool and out of direct sunlight (!) can be the answer to the usual sweaty angst. 

Our range of wine racks are const made from 100% sustainably sourced New Zealand Timber. Everything from design to manufacturing to delivery is 100% Carbon Neutral.