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Best Practice: Storing your Wine

Best Practice: Storing your Wine

Collectors, enthusiasts and new kids on the cellar door block have one thing in common - we’re all looking to maximise our drinking experience.

We’ve all heard the time old adage that storage is key … ideally, all our homes would be built on top of temperature controlled cellars. If you’re missing this key element, fear not! Impress your guests and keep your wine tasting fine with a few of our (pretty easy) storage tips.

1. Chill out 

Cool Wine Storage

Heat is wine’s archnemesis. If ‘The Heat is On’ in your home then your wine is probably on the highway to ‘The Danger Zone’ - and nobody likes drinking cooked wine. To prevent your wine tasting flat and missing out on the awesome aromas it’s important to keep it at a consistently and cool temperature.

This can be achieved by keeping your wine away from places in the house where temperatures fluctuate like the kitchen. Your wine is best kept in in a cool, dark place - say a cupboard or a basement that is away from sunlight or heaters.

If you do have a fridge or a cellar we suggest storing your wine between 12 - 14ºC.

2. Give it a rest!

Please, do not shake the bottle. If you can resist the urge to pick it up and admire it on a regular basis - even better. Excessive vibration will disrupt the sediment (this can be fixed by a good decant or keeping the bottle upright for a few hours before drinking). But, more importantly, researchers suspect that too much vibration can cause unwanted chemical reactions that will alter the taste and flavour of your wine. 

If your wine has a cork - it’ll be best kept lying down. This will ensure that the cork doesn’t prematurely dry out and has continuous contact with the wine. 

3. Be Sun Smart (with your skin and your wine!)

Sunsmart with your wine

Ever wondered why wine bottles are typically tinted a dark shade of green? It's because your wine is like a the mythological vampire species - powerful but very much a creature of the dark.

Exposure to light increases the rate of oxidisation in wine - which can make it taste like vinegar ... bof!

To keep your wine at peak performance - store it in a reasonably dark place. 


  • You don’t need a cellar or a fridge to store your wine well
  • Keep your wine in a cool, dark, place - away from heat and light. 
  • Avoid excess vibrations


As always, happy drinking.