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How To: Swirling Wine

How To: Swirling Wine

How to smell your wine

Newsflash: swirling your wine glass won’t just make you look cool. It really does enhance the flavour profile of your delicious fermented grape juice. 

When the wine starts grooving in your glass, it breathes. Oxygen begins to tango with the bombastic tannins and begins to mellow them out. Eventually allowing the less extraverted personality gems to shine in the flavour profile. For the less energetic, this can also be achieved by decanting your wine. 

Swirling the wine also activates various aromas that cling to the chemical compounds that lie dormant in the wine. Swirling is your friend if you're looking for all those fancy tasting notes that you read about in those snobby tasting reviews - does this Pinot really have a lengthy vanilla and cherry body with a forest floor and truffles finish?

You betcha.

All you need to do is stick your beak in the glass after a swirl to discover this enchanted world of the wine tasting experience. 

Of course, swirling isn’t an easy gig. All that excitement could leave a big (and non-removable!) stain on your clothes and that special someone you're trying to impress impress might just think you’re clumsy.

So here are some ways to ensure that your swirling doesn't end in tears:

    • Put the wine on a flat surface and hold the base of the glass firmly between your index and middle fingers.
    • Keep your palm flat to the table and make small circles with your hand and give it a swirl for 4-5 seconds without lifting the glass. 
    • Hold the stem with your thumb and forefinger and angle the glass slightly towards you. Swirl in small movements. 

Now that you're all set, all you need is a couple of fantastic drops to practise with. We'd suggest checking out a local boutique wine from Melbourne - Byrne Gisborne Pinot for a smooth but noteworthy experience!

As always, happy drinking.

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