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Pairing: Wine and Netflix

Pairing: Wine and Netflix

Getting the most out of Life in Lockdown...

In a world of uncertainty, what hasn’t changed is the abundance of content on streaming services which we’re sure will get heavily used as Melbournians get reacquainted with the inside of their homes.

Check out our suggestions for wines that will take your Netflix & Chill session to the next level.

Light Dry White Wines

Prince Caroyln - Bojack Horseman

Source: Netflix

This is your staple weekly binge. Pair your easy drinking with easy viewing, includes the essential nips of sharp wit and bouts of nihilism.

The Shows ·  Bojack Horseman  ·  Cheers  ·  Big Mouth  ·  Bob's Burgers  ·  Community   ·  The IT Crowd  ·  Love   ·   Portlandia

The Wine Ben Haines Marsanne | Volta Brackets

Rich White Wine

Fleabag White Wine Dinner Table

Source: Screenshot, ABC iView

You know its time to crack open the oaky/buttery/complex white wines for those shows that need to be savoured (they're that good that you can have them on repeat over and over again.)

The mood is very much you’ve had it before and you’ll watch it again.

The Shows

·  Fleabag
·  Killing Eve 
·  High Fidelity
·  Easy
·  After Life 
·  Normal People
·  Girls
·  Peep Show 
·  Master of None

The Wine Byrne Chardonnay or Hahndorf Hill Reserve Gruner Veltliner

 Light & Jovial Red Wine

Friends Thanks Giving

Source: Warner Bros. / Everett

It's Friday night and you've had a trying Work From Home week. You're not in the mood to think deeply and follow fast paced and convoluted story lines. Ideally, you're on the couch with a jar of Pringles, a round of camembert and a some vita-wheats. 

The Shows  ·  Friends  ·  The Office (US Version)  ·  Seinfeld  ·  Curb Your Enthusiasm  ·  Parks and Recreation  ·  New Girl  ·  Arrested Development   ·   It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Wine  Byrne Sutherland Creek Pinot Noir

Big, Bold and Juicy Red Wine 

Sopranos Wine and Dinner

Source: Netflix

The heavy Shiraz or Cab Sauv goes with big, heavyweight shows. Just like the wine, we find shows that demand your attention and catch you right in the feels are well paired to shiraz and a spicy cab sav.

The Shows  · The Sopranos   ·   Suits (...the first 3 seasons, it really tailed off after that!)   ·   Counterpart   ·   Boardwalk Empire   ·   The Wire   ·   House of Cards   · Newsroom

The Wine Dune Blewitt Springs Shiraz and Cooke Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon | Auchli Vineyard 


As always, happy drinking!