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Voyager Estate | Margaret River

Voyager Estate | Margaret River

As if it’s (perhaps) unrivalled picturesque landscapes wasn’t enough, Margaret River is also home to some of Australia’s best wineries and winemakers. 

We had a cheeky chat to the Head of Winemaking and Viticulture at Voyager Estate - Steve James, and canvassed a host of interesting topics. From the winemaking process to wine pairings and Steve’s theory for why vino is the ultimate social lubricant. 

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What are the origins of Voyager Estate, how did it all begin? 

The first vines on Voyager Estate were planted in 1978, with Michael Wright purchasing the property in 1991. Michael set about securing additional properties based on the high quality of the soil types and built the vineyard to 112 Hectares in size over following years. The winery is still very much a family business, owned by Michael's daughter Alex Burt.

What makes Voyager Estate special? 

I think for me it is our attention to detail in everything we do – vineyards, winery, restaurant, cellar door and our beautiful gardens. I also believe it is our sustainable focus with our transition to organic farming and commitment to environmental sustainability.

What's your favourite part of the winemaking process - on the flip-side what do you find tedious? 

Definitely vintage! Vintage is my favourite time, as you get to experience the joy and excitement of the culmination of the seasons work in the vineyards and the anticipation around the wines which are being crafted.

There are often tedious jobs in the vineyard and winery, however they are all extremely important and, I guess we like to remain focused on the big picture, of making the best wines we can – so although tedious E.g. pruning, they still provide much joy and pride.

What's the most memorable vintage you've worked on and why?

I would have to say 2014. Beautiful warm summer and autumn with cool nights preserving the vibrancy and freshness in the fruit.

Pretty well perfect I would say for both red and white wines.

What's more important - the wine or the company?

Gee. I could get into trouble answering this one! In all honesty I think they are mutually inclusive, as it is more fun sharing a great wine with others and experiencing their thoughts and emotions. Wine is also a great social lubricant which hopefully enhances the company!

What's your pick of the Voyager range (and the best meal to pair with it)?

At the moment, I'm loving our 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon with roasted rack of lamb – a perfect winter combination.

Voyager Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
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