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Who is James Halliday and what does he think of my wine?

Who is James Halliday and what does he think of my wine?

When looking for a good Australian drop, it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself reading a James Halliday review. 

Halliday has become a household name, and is undoubtedly one of the most respected figures in the Australian wine industry. For a winery, to be well reviewed in the annual Halliday Wine Companion is coveted recognition that vinophiles and teetotallers alike understand and look to when buying.  

Cana Wine is home to many five star Halliday wineries, and a number of wines have been rated by Halliday as outstanding this year. If you want to get your hands on some seriously good wine - check out our range of Halliday 5 Star rated wines. 

Wino’s pay attention to Halliday because of his long spanning career in the industry of almost 50 years, and authorship of more than 40 books about wine. 

Simply put, the man knows his stuff. 

But as even the most prolific wine drinkers will say, it is absolutely subjective in nature. Whilst this is absolutely true - the industry has moved towards a fairly standard 100 point system for wine reviewing, which can be used as a fantastic guide to assist you to find a quality vino with the flavour profile you’re looking for. 

Getting your paws on some of the best reviewed wines by Halliday does not have to break the bank - although - it certainly can. 

To help you along, we have curated 6 wine packs that are filled to the brim by 5 Red Star Halliday Wineries. Not only that, some of these wines have been rated 95+ and are Top Drops.  


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Halliday Give it a Go Pack 3

Halliday Give it a Go 6

Halliday Legend 3

Halliday Legends 6

Halliday Collectors 3

Halliday Collectors 6

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