Quealy Turbul Friulano

  • $123.00

Current Vintage: 2019

Having debuted the style at T'Gallant in 2007, Kathleen Quealy and Kevin McCarthy could be considered the power couple of skin contact in Australia. Their extensive experience with these wines shows through in their current releases. Turbul Friulano, however, is their son's babe. The apple never falls far from the tree it seems. Inspired by his father's 2008 Claudius (under the T'Gallant label), this became Tom McCarthy's first skin-fermented, amphora-raised white (in 2012).

The 2019 went like this: hand-selected bunches of waxy, copper-hued Friulano were de-stemmed and naturally fermented on skins in 800-litre terracotta amphora, stirred daily. The juice/wine remained on skins for up to six months, after which the umami-rich juice--rippling with phenolic matter--was racked to large-format cask for 12 months, where it finished maturation. Despite the name, which conjures a certain cloudiness, Turbul fully clarified in barrel. The wine only saw a smidge of sulphur at the press (4g/L) and then at bottling.


It is not really summer in Melbourne until you’ve packed up the car and crammed every living friend and relative into the car for a day/weekend trip to the Mornington Peninsula. On the tail end of the Eastern Bay of Melbourne, you can expect to find a dynamic range of beach side living. From the low key, sleepy beach towns to bustling coastal communities - packed with arriviste private schools, cafes, boutiques, competitive polo and some of the most expensive strips of holiday home real estate serving some of the richest people in the nation. You might even catch a glimpse of Lindsay Fox landing his helicopter on his Portsea front beach mansion. 

Unlike the pretences of its holiday makers, the region packs a punch now that wine making has returned to favour in the area after a period of decline. You can expect to find high quality, cool climate wines that deliver fresh, smooth mouthfeel and a sense of wanting more. We can’t get enough of summer in the peninsula, and the cracka’ selection of winemakers are a perfect pairing.