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About Us

Living on the land is hard yakka.

The most optimistic and steadfast amongst us set themselves the task of cultivating high quality produce for our enjoyment - no matter the conditions.

A very special result of this hard work is the local vigneron's heavenly transformation of water into wine, much like the story of Jesus at the Wedding of Cana.

However, a series of unexpected events have not been kind, drought and fire ravaged rural Australian communities in 2019 and the spread of COVID19 has lingered and forestalled any hope of a quick recovery.

In light of this turmoil, Brett and the Cana Wine team look to the future at the better times that are sure to be had.

Cana Wine was originally founded to link wine-lovers to affected winemakers and local producers who have excellent produce to share with you. We now work with a wide range of boutique wine producers - those who don't always make large quantities of wine and as a result, they often don't get stocked in your local bottle-o, or even the big green DM! 

By shopping with Cana Wine, your orders will be directly supporting producers and ensure that your boutique wine heroes will be around to share in the good times that are sure to come!