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Jeanneret Big Fine Girl Riesling

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Current Vintage: 2020

Vintage may vary during the year. If you are looking for a specific vintage, please get in touch.

Fruity! Crisp green apples and pears on the nose. This wonderful example of Clare Valley riesling from some of the best producers delivers an excellent zesty number that holds it own when paired with food or just a cheeky afternoon tipple. Delicious, we might even stash enough to see us through for the years to come. 

The Jeanneret story begins with Swiss chemist Denis Jeanneret and his wife, Pat, deciding to have a shot at self-sufficiency on their property in the Skilly Hills. Blessed with typical Swiss precision and attention to detail, Denis turned out to be a natural when it came to crafting classic Clare Valley wines.


It did not take long for the settlers to identify the potential for winemaking in the Clare Valley - where vines were first planted in the early 1840s. The warm and hot summer days are often followed by cool teatime breezes which help with the ripening process and makes this a fantastic winemaking region (and place to visit!). Melbourne has a questionable reputation for changeable weather - but Clare Valley puts this to shame - blistering hot summer days quickly followed up with freezing 1°C wintery nights.

Whilst the region is well known for its award winning Rieslings, the warmer climate make it a prime growing region for consistently good vintages for a range of varietals (we recommend checking out some of the Cabernet and Shiraz coming out of Valley). Output from the area are as unique as its weather, a must visit.

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