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M. Chapoutier Tournon Mathilda Rose

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Current Vintage: 2018

Vintage may vary during the year. If you are looking for a specific vintage, please get in touch.

Simply put, this is sensational rose. Perfect when served chilled in some crystal glasses. It is a gorgeous pinky orange colour and delivers a crisp acidic drop. Super fresh and lively, the strawberry, crisp apple and rose flavours make this wine amazingly easy to drink... all summer long. 


Heathcote is synonymous with big juicy reds and internationally recognised for its phenomenal Shiraz, vintage after vintage. Everything coming out of Heathcote turns to gold  - we’re big believers in the myth that the growers in the region have a Midas Touch. 

Experts soberly describe the nutrient rich soils and a soil composition that makes it ideal for vine drainage and cultivation. Likewise, prospectors during the Victorian Gold Rush scrambled to get their shovels into the soil and uncover the riches embedded into the alluvial veins running through the numerous Gold Field Commons scattered throughout the region. 

The climate and topography of Heathcote really lends itself to outstanding Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vintages. You can comfortably expect rich, fragrant, full bodied and hints of spice from these Heathcote specialities. The even rainfall yield and consistent cool climate helps add depth and juicy freshness to these awesomely big and remarkable wines. 

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