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Pirathon Gold Label Shiraz

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Current Vintage: 2018

Vintage may vary during the year. If you are looking for a specific vintage, please get in touch.

The Pirathon Gold Shiraz was introduced to Pirathon's range in 2016 as a premium reserve wine. The best grape lots were carefully selected from the 2017 intake and combined with 100% French Oak barrels with no compromise on quality.

The resulting wine provides a palate of bright fruits balanced with chalky tannins which dominate in this classy, highly integrated, harmonious Barossa Shiraz.

This is a top shelf Barossa shiraz that will satisfy those that want only the very best and cannot settle for anything else. Sitting at the peak of the Pirathon line-up, this wine packs a punch from best of the pick grapes, carefully handled and fermented in the best quality barrels with a taste and appearance that will astound you and your guests.

Best shared in good company.


Home to some of the oldest grapevines on planet Earth, the Barossa Valley is perhaps Australia’s most renowned wine region. In 1842, German settlers planted vines and the rest is history!

On the red wine front, it’s all about the big reds like Cabernet and Shiraz here - with full bodied Barossa Shiraz being sought out around the world. It is rich, muscular, and super sexy - Aussie ocker with distinctive finesse. 

But the Barossa isn’t a one trick pony. In a salute to the region’s rich German heritage, the Eden Valley (which falls within the broader region) produces some of Australia’s finest rieslings - crisp, fresh, but still balanced.

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